Selling Solutions

Last Friday I discussed with a few peers the top qualities we believe are the most important for an entrepreneur to possess. I was surprised to find that I was in the minority in believing that problem-solving was a top tier quality.┬áThe mantra of the design department in which I cultivated my skills was “We are problem solvers.” As designers it is our mission to solve the design problems of our employers and clients with tasteful, lasting, communicative solutions. I believe that this is true of any discipline. Simply put, people buy solutions found in products and services. An example of this would be a person has dry skin (problem), so he buys hand creme (solution). Problems range from straightforward problems like dry skin to complex problems dealing with an individual’s disposition. A successful entrepreneur would assess which problems he has the most interest in and expertise in solving, then produce a method of solving these problems that he could market to his largest affected audience. Businesses that market to other businesses have firmly latched onto this notion of selling solutions. Products and services pitched as “solutions”┬áhas become part of the popular vernacular of B to B sales, especially for IT and data storage companies.


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