How Design’s Top 10 Websites for Designers is Pretty Cool

How Design posted “Top 10 Websites for Designers – Fuzzco + Graphic Means” today and there are some great sites on this list. The most fascinating site to me is by Relax, We Are the Good Guys (yes, that is their name and you can find them here: IT’S SO COOL! The site has music which stops when you click on another tab in the same window, the message that floats in front of the rotating polygon changes every time you scroll to the bottom of the page and back up and the messages are related to the day on which you visit the site, and when your cursor hovers over an item in their client list images from their projects flicker over the sides of the polygon. These are just a few characteristics of the site that I find intriguing, but there are certainly more that I greatly encourage you to explore.

Again, please visit this site: It’s simply too cool to ignore.

See How’s list at:


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