Curiosity and Avant-Garde Web Design

Curiosity is as important as intelligence. Curiosity is an urge to explore or an object that begs exploration. Through exploration the explorers learn. There are two levels of learning. Level one is learning that something exists or occurs. The second is exploring further to discover why or how that thing exists or occurs. Explorers can use this knowledge to understand other related curiosities or to recreate them. Exploring can incite curiosity. Exploring the known will eventually lead to unknowns. If these unknowns interest the explorer, to him they are curiosities from which he has potential to learn and grow his bank of knowledge. He may share this knowledge he or use it to create more curiosities.

The avant-garde website could be a garden of curiosities. The avant-garde website could also be a collection of some knowns assembled in an unorthodox way, which in itself prompts curiosity. These sites are often highly interactive and have lots of movement. This is in part what makes them so interesting and memorable. Users must discover how to navigate the site before finding the content they want. Some users may find this uncomfortable or frustrating. For others it may incite curiosity, the fist step in learning.


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