Stop Saying That Your Target Audience is Everyone

Though many organizations want everybody to know them and listen to their messages, it just doesn’t work that way. “Everybody” is constantly inundated with content. People ignore most messages to maintain their sanity and their operating schedules. They simply don’t have time for a message that doesn’t speak to them directly or align with their interests.

More successful marketers aim for a specific group with a wide audience. That’s why you see titles in your Facebook Feed like “19 Words That Have a Totally Different Meaning When You Are A Teacher” (targets: teachers and students), “On St. Paul’s Racial Equity Dilemma” (targets: Christians and social activists), and “A Parent Dressed Her Cat in This Bra Top to Show Her Daughter How Small it Was” (targets: parents and cat lovers).

One such successful entrepreneur and self marketer is BubzBeauty. She targets teen girls and young adult women interested in beauty and self empowerment with her main products being makeup tutorials, vlogs (on BubzVlogz), and beauty supplies. Her main distributor is YouTube. She maintains her following past their adolescence through building seemingly personal relationships with her followers and focusing more on feelings than beauty. Though her messages on self empowerment and growth could apply to “everyone” she touches her largest audience by speaking to a specific group in a way in which they relate and makes them want to seek her products and pass them on to others.

In general, the more general the message the less likely it will be acted upon. So stop saying that your target audience is everyone! Find the group that would be the most interested in your product and focus on speaking to them. If they like your content, they will spread it to others.


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