I Am an Adventurer, a Hagrid, an ISFP

If you’ve browsed Facebook out of boredom, worked a sales position, or applied to be a manager, then you’ve probably taken a personality test. I took an abridged version of the Myers Briggs Personality test on 16personalities.com as part of a team assignment for work.

The tests results weren’t ground breaking, but analyzing the results helped me to better understand what motivates me. Isn’t that the reason we take these personality tests? Well, besides wanting to know our animal personality types. I had rather low percentages in most categories (39% introvert, 26% observant, 13% feeling, 17% prospecting, and 17% assertive). I think this is because my response to situations depends greatly on the context. The difference in situational treatment is most prominent between my agency-like work life and my slow paced private life. In general, I complete time sensitive tasks and group projects as soon as possible, but projects with no time lines or vague objectives get neglected. If I’m the only one depending on me to do something, I’m much more relaxed about when it gets done. Thus, my personality traits are expressed differently between my work life and personal life.

Take the abridged Myers Briggs Personality test. Your view of the world won’t change, but, if nothing else, you can figure out your Harry Potter character.


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