5 Things to Know Before Executing a Marketing Campaign

WHY: Your Purpose
Your purpose is the most important because it should determine everything you do for the campaign from beginning to end. I recommend writing it down. It forces you to put your idea into one concise concept, which makes it easier to explain to your campaign team.

On that same note, it’s not enough for just you to know the purpose of a campaign. Everyone you are working with on your campaign needs to know its purpose so they can better gear their contributions towards that purpose.

The purpose of a campaign should never be to make a quota. Quotas are a way to hold people accountable for their work. Your campaign purpose should always be audience focused.

WHO: Your Target Market or Segment
As I’ve mentioned an a previous post, “everyone” is not a reasonable target market. People only want to see content that is highly relevant to their interests and everyone’s interests are different. The better you know your target market, the more relevant your message can be crafted.

WHAT: Your Message
The more personalized and consistent your message is, the higher the likelihood that it will succeed. I don’t mean personalized as in writing “Dear [First_Name]” at the top of your marketing email. I mean entertaining two-way conversations about contacts’ interests, making recommendations based on previous purchases from your site, and recommending articles that their peers and friends have viewed.

WHERE: Your Medium
Your message should be where your audience wants to go. If you sell to businesses you should be at vendor events, sending emails during business hours, and hosting informational webinars. If you sell to individuals you want to look into product placement opportunities, sponsoring events, and asking influential bloggers to review your products.

Be careful about which mediums you choose. The medium you use sets the tone for your message. Mediums that don’t fit your message can do as much damage as copy text that contradicts itself.

WHEN: Your Timing
When you send your message goes hand-in-hand with the medium you use. Execute your message when your audience is most likely to tune in to get the best engagement.


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