Marketing, Meet Common Sense

If you have any interest in marketing, check out the Sassy Marketer. She is a master of her profession! Everyone I’ve talked to who’s tasted her kool-aid can’t stop drinking it in. Get addicted.

The Sassy Marketer

Much is demanded of today’s marketers. Gone are the days of ‘spray and pray’ marketing through a handful of simple channels with blind faith that something is going to stick and thus be deemed ‘working’. Today’s marketers need to be able to think like a business owner, a financier, an IT pro, a salesperson, a behavioral psychologist and a buyer. Sounds lofty? It is. But if you had to boil it all down to one simple skill of mastery, it’s this: common sense.

Talk like a human

Have you ever gotten an email or gone to a webpage and the company continuously referred to itself in the third person? Or bored you to death with soulless corporate speak? Or was so verbose and overly formal that you found yourself wading through words trying desperately to figure out what they could possibly be trying to say to you?

B2B marketing…

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