Talk Takeaways: Always be Learning


Bob Ewing, Art Director at Element Three and co-founder of Inch x Inch. He found success in part through his daily lettering practice, which he posted on Instagram.


Objective: get better.
Make simple goals. Set yourself up to succeed. As long as you start, you’ll get closer to your goal. Practice makes progress. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Be intentional about what you’re asking.
If you’re asking for help or feedback, tell them to not hold back. Good feedback will help you grow. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Share your progress even if it isn’t your best work.
Putting your stuff out there maximises your ability to be discovered. Share photos, videos, and gifs of your process.

Don’t post for likes. Post for progress. 
Posting photos or excerpts of your progress online is a great motivator because it helps make you accountable for sticking to a schedule, but don’t forget your main objective.

Be self-aware.
Work at your strengths. Learn when to stop or change course. If your practice becomes redundant and you’re not growing, it’s time to make a change.

Helpful tools.
Dot Grid paper provides structure without feeling too intrusive. When using the pen tool, keep handles vertical and horizontal wherever possible. This forces you to put points in the right places. Always keep on hand an outlet for jotting down ideas like a small sketchbook. Write them down on paper instead of typing them.

Other helpful tips.
Find inspiration, then put it away so you don’t end up copying it. Get good at photography or ask someone who is good at photography to photograph your work. Thank you AIGA Orlando and Mama’s Sauce for bringing Bob to Orlando and thank you BIGEYE for hosting.


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