Talk Takeaways: Achieving Success Through Personal Brand Parts 1 & 2


Part 1: Marcia Martin, Director of National Accounts, West, at Iron Mountain

Part 2: Jennifer Lollis, Manager of Transportation and Operations in Pico Rivera and South Gate at Iron Mountain & Dr. Jill Murray, psychotherapist, popular author, and lecturer


Part 1:

Do you belong here?
Connect authentically with your work.

What value do you bring?
Ask the people around you (people like you and people not like you):
1. 3 words that describe you?
2. What are your strengths?
3. What can you improve on?
4. What drives you? What else can they see you doing?

What goals/end do you have in mind?
Openly declare your intent and you will increase your chance of success. Plot out possible steps to reach your goal.

Audit, Edit, Repeat (360 Review)
Find out where your goals and the business’s goals align. You can find success there.


Part 2:

Create, maintain, and own your personal brand
Build your brand around who you are rather than what you think others want you to be. Build upon what you do well.

Commit to your brand
Persistence (but not overbearing)
Self Inventory (a way to measure commitment)

Crisis can be an opportunity
Mentors are critical. Good listeners give good advice and direction.

Stay on course
Balance: seek work life balance
Journey: watch for breaks in the road
Measure: journal what you’re doing for your brand, find ways to stay accountable, realign and adjust your brand to your goals (small changes).
Affirmations: focus on the positive daily

Maintain focus on your brand, not what’s comfortable. 
Make a case for why you lack something or can’t do something. Facts only, no feelings.



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