Talk Takeaways: Gary Vee at DSATL16


Gary Vaynerchuck, businessman, CEO of VaynerMedia, host of #AskGaryVee Show on YouTube



“Social Media” is a slang term to describe the current state of the internet. Social Media site are websites where people spend their time.

No time you invest in trying new things is wasted. Even if you don’t continue to pursue what you were trying, you have developed skills and experience that you can apply to future situations and technologies.


Marketers tend to market just to market. Marketers should reverse engineer what the customer wants. Try marketing to groups that influence your target audience like family, coworkers, and friends.

Creative is the variable to success. It should be geared towards your audience. Don’t create creative before you know who you want to see it.

“Whenever I try to do seven things, I do zero things.” Spend 80% of your time working at what you do well and 20% of your time learning and expanding your skills.

Test everything all the time!


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