Talk Takeaways: Shinny Objects in Social Media


Tiffany Starnes, VP of Innovation at FSC Interactive


The Shiny Object Checklist (Is it Worth Paying to Play?)
1. Is the customer there?
2. Does the channel align with your goals? Look at how much it costs, reach, engagement, growth, web traffic, lead generation, sales driven by the channel.
3. Do you have the content and resources to follow-up?
4. Can you measure success?

Getting started with a new channel.
Start small. Test the waters. Small, targeted campaigns can produce high engagement at a lower cost. Dive into your data. Invest in and learn how to use analytics tools. Get familiar with the most relevant metrics for measuring success in that channel. Make sure you’re targeting the right audiences with the right messaging specifically for that channel. Use hashtags so people can find your content.

Social media is all about engagement.
Make sure you are properly responding to what your audience (and data) says. Answer relevant/recurring questions and put it on your website. Think about what your customers are searching for. Create custom content for every channel. Be where your customers are.


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