Talk Takeaways: Influencer Marketing


Leigh George, CEO at Freedom


People don’t like ads.
Branded marketing is disruptive and irritating. People don’t trust ads and there are lots of opportunities to block or avoid them.

People share experiences, not products.
Focus on the customer experience and building advocacy through a people-centric model. Provide grater experiences and events for advocates with greater engagement. Make their experiences beautiful, photogenic.

Show your appreciation to your supporters and they will show their appreciation of you more.
You can simplify your fan base into three tiers. Your largest base of supporters is your casual fans. Broadcast events for your casual fans over social media. In the middle are your passionate fans. Specially invite (without broadcasting) your passionate fans to special events to thank them for their loyalty. The greatest advocates are your super loyal fans. Host unique experiences or meet and greets for your super loyal fans. They will return the favor by sharing their experiences online. Their authenticity will inspire others to join your fan base.

Influence is always contextual.
Choose impact over popularity. Go local. Collaborate with your influencers and give them freedom to review your products authentically.


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