Talk Takeaways: No One Cares About Your Content… Yet


Cliff Seal, UX Designer at Pardot (Salesforce)


The reality of content.
The first step to consuming or distributing content is figuring out if the content should still be consumed. First impressions are made in less than one second. Most of that first impression is influenced by design rather than anything that’s written. If your first impression is good and people stay on the page, they may read aboutĀ 20% of the content on that page. Personality is the clincher when it comes to getting people to engage with your content.

How to find your brand’s personality.
First, you need to establish your goals. Why do you want to make content? Then you need to decide on the kind(s) of conversation you want to have. How you have those conversations and your writing style is your brand’s personality.

Be thoughtful and sustainable. Don’t just make more.
“More” is the biggest waste of money. A great content strategy helpsĀ people feel empowered and smart. Don’t be afraid to curate others’ content (just be sure to give credit where credit is due).


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