Talk Takeaways: 8 Buisiness Startup Tips


Jeff Perkins, CMO at QASymphony


Build a stack.
More than a tech stack, you need a people stack. A people stack includes your employees and agencies. Beware of agency retainers. You can’t afford to get stuck in exclusivity contacts, especially if you’ve never worked with that agency before. Make smart purchases.

Pour a strong foundation.
If you are weak online, you will be weak offline.

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Dig into why revenue isn’t growing or why you’re losing deals and correct for it. Know that could mean altering your messaging or your product.

Show your work.
Share what you’re doing. Even more than your customers, your coworkers need to know what you’re doing. You can’t be bad at what you sell.

Maximize limited resources.
Find the watering holes where your clients are. Don’t pay for things you can do for free (so long as you do it well).

Think big.
Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you have to act small.

Be the brand.
Be the chief kool-aid drinker. Lover your brand. Protect your brand. Believe in your company.

Test everything. Always. All the time. Now and forevermore.


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