Talk Takeaways: Bigger. Bolder. Braver. Marketing.


Ann Handley, author and Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs


To get as much exposure as possible, companies create as much content as they can. Pumping out content at a high quantity makes quality go down. Many users’ first experiences are kinda crappy. People have too much stuff going on to tolerate a poor experiences, so they leave. And they don’t come back.

Bigger context and content.
Don’t assume your audience can’t handle meatier content. Creating content with deeper value creates smarter customers. Content should make them feel smarter after consuming it.

Bolder perspective and voice.
Tone of voice = culture x story x empathy. You have to care about what you are doing. Your voice should reflect who you are. If your content gets published without branding, your following should still be able to recognize that you are the one who created it.

Braver point of view. Braver marketing.
Don’t try to appeal to everyone. Use your tone of voice to attract like minded people and repel those you won’t mix well with in the long run.

Publishing content that brings value to people and reflects who you are will help you build trust and better relationships with your following.


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