Talk Takeaways: Stupid Website Redesign Mistakes


Jacob Hagberg, Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant, SEMrush Speaker, Majestic Ambassador


Steps for Smart Website Redesign

Inventory Your Website
Document all pages, analytics, CMS, lead capture, crawlers, and scrapers. It’s important to know what you have before you make changes, so it’s easier to change things back if some changes don’t work out or fix things if they get broken.

Reduce Image File Size
Large files take longer to load, which increases the probability of people leaving your site before they even look at it.

Benchmark Engagement
Visualize engagement with heat maps. Instead of changing everything, focus on changing parts that aren’t seeing the engagement you want.

Preserve Brand Equity
Identify pages with backlinks.

Identify Pages with Traffic
Don’t delete them! You don’t have to delete everything and start over.

The biggest mistake people make is changing too much all at once. Know your CURDS: CMS (content management system), URLs, redesign, domains, and SSL/HTTPS. Change only one or two “CURDS” at a time, then wait two months before making another change.


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