Talk Takeaways: Ann Handley has 3 Content Marketing Questions at #DSOnline



Ann Handley, author and Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs


“Stop. Slow down. You move too fast. Listen to the music. Whoa Whoa. Listen to the music.” – Ellen Degeneres

Slow down – at the right moments. There’s value in being thoughtful and deliberate. When generating content marketing ask these three questions:

1. So What

Ask “why should people care?” until you can no longer come up with a “because…” The answer to the last “because…” should be your message.

Why ask “because?” Empathy. Your becauses put your content into the context of your customers lives, which conveys value to your audience.

2. Wait What?

We marketers have a tendency to over index on the hustle and under index on alignment. No big, fancy campaign is just the stuff your audience sees and experiences. There’s internal procedures and technical stuff within our our organizations and vendors that needs alignment before we start building the customer facing aspects of the campaign.

Get buy in from all the teams that touch people that may touch your campaign before you start building out the campaign components. Proper alignment (and documenting that alignment) prepares the different teams within your organization to provide a more fluent conversation through multiple stages of the buyer journey. That cohesiveness will reenforce trust, understanding and competency in the minds of your audience.

3. Does This Sustain Us/Me?

Choose sustainability before speed. Focus on programs what will sustain you long term. These meaty marketing programs should be able to stand on their own and facilitate quick off-shoot campaigns.

There’s a lot of pressure these days to pump out new content faster and more frequently. Newer content gets better SEO, but so does well considered content that people like to visit and share. Choose to slow down and make better content instead of more content.


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