5 Social Media Insights from Gary Vee at #DSOnline

Gary Vee sitting in his office

Conference season is underway! In honor of this festive season, here’s a throwback to Gary Vee’s interview on Social Media during the #DSOnline December webinar series.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is pretty difficult. You’re asking people to give you their attention on your time, it’s extremely personality driven, and every mistake you make goes directly to your audience. You can’t go back and fix things when you’re producing and pushing content live. If you’re thinking about using Facebook Live for your marketing, focus on creating good images and video first.

Instagram Stories

Looking to expend your audience into a new demographic? Try takeover collaborations. Swap Instagram accounts for a day with someone you can trust with your brand and that can expose you to their following. Then share stories on each other’s accounts.

Trends and Headline Reading

Do research, check it, practice it. Don’t regurgitate headlines you read online and don’t just accept whatever you read or hear. Question what you read and question what you think. Be open to different ideas. If you want to be prepared for whatever life throws at you, you can’t be romantic about your point of view.


Your website, where you have the most control, is becoming less your face. People are instead going to social media to learn about you. Your four to five social networks are the real face of your company.

Platform Pioneering

Marketers are timid about new things and wait too long for something to become real. Plan to regularly practice “research and development.”

Every morning, Gary looks at the top 100 free apps in the app store, downloads the top free apps and figures them out. Use new apps before they become popular. Even if the platform doesn’t take off it’s not a waste of time because you can apply what you’ve learned to other things.

Being early on a growing platform can reap a lot of benefits. But if you’re not early to move on a platform, you can be early to move on a feature.

As Gary always says, be a practitioner.


Speaker: Gary Vaynerchuck entrepreneur, tech investor, CEO of VaynerMedia, public speaker, lots of other stuff… 

Featured image of Gary Vee sourced from the Huffington Post.



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