Do You Prioritize Content Quality or Publishing Consistently?

Snoopy Typewriter

I’ve observed two main schools of thought around publishing content: prioritizing quality and prioritizing consistency.

Prioritizing Quality

This schools believes that you shouldn’t publish content unless it meets quality checklist criteria. This criteria checklist includes the usual suspects: tone of voice, SEO optimization, cited research, etc.

Through publishing only high quality content you’ll nurture a good reputation for your content that will help you grow a loyal audience. Also, higher quality content is more likely to get shared and back-linked, which improves your search engine ranking.

People in the quality school believe that prioritizing the publish button means publishing lesser quality content that will drive less traffic and disappoint loyal readers.

Believers in prioritizing quality include Heather Eng of NewsCred and Ann Handley of MarketingProfs.

Prioritizing Consistency

This school believes that content improves over time through publishing consistently. Because the amount of time between publishing content is always the same, as you publish more content you should get better at writing higher quality content within the time constraint.

By publishing consistently you’ll nurture a reputation for publishing reliably, so your audience will know when to expect new content. This will help increase traffic to the post right when it’s the freshest, which will improve your search engine ranking and the likelihood your post will top people’s content feed, driving new traffic.

Because content could always be made better, prioritizing quality makes content creators susceptible to being immobilized in pursuit of perfection. Content created for others is worthless if it’s never published, thus it’s better to publish and be imperfect than never publish in pursuit of perfection.

Preachers of this school of thought include author Seth Godin and Beth Dunn of Hubspot.

Of course consistency and quality are top priorities for any content creator, but when your deadline is now and your content isn’t at the level of WOW you hoped it would be what do you do? Do you push back the deadline to refine the piece or do you publish it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 


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