Kore Inc Social Graphics

During the three months I supported Kore, Inc., I produced social media creative, web advertisements, white paper layouts, PowerPoint slides, infographics and hero graphics. Below are some social media graphics samples.

When my hours where increased from part-time to full-time at Iron Mountain, I no longer had the availability to stay at Kore. Though my time there was short lived, it was a great experience that I still pull from when I have similar clients and requests.

National Leave the Office Early Day Post
A holiday social media post for Kore.
Voting Day Graphic
Voting Day Graphic. This design style was inspired by another designer on Kore’s staff.
Embracing Messaging Graphic
This graphic was used to promote a white paper with the same title.
Fraud Happens Graphic
This post targets financial institutions.

Customer Needs Graphic

Easter Graphic
A cute holiday post to bring out the warm and fuzzies.
Vote for Bots Graphic
Vote for Bots Graphic. Created to promote a link to an app ranking competition.
Communication Chaos Graphic
Communication Chaos Graphic. Created for social media and to supplement a blog post. 
Cracking the Code Graphic
Cracking the Code Graphic. Social graphic created to drive traffic to a blog post.

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