Maggie Cocco Music Website Design

Maggie Cocco is a musician, song writer and educator. She’s also my sister (if you see a picture of us you could definitely tell). Though Maggie had been in the Metro Detroit music scene for a few years, she didn’t have a personal website promoting her work and services.

To fill the need for an online portfolio, Maggie commissioned a developer named Amit Rathi and me to build her music education and composition website.

Based on the inspiration references and adjectives Maggie was asked to provide, I created the desktop and mobile wireframes. Then I used Amit’s and Maggie’s feedback to create desktop mockups.

Amit will start the development process in late summer/early fall.

Desktop Mockups

Maggie Cocco Music Home Page Design
Design mockup for Maggie’s home page.
Maggie Cocco Music Songs For Sale Page Design
Song commission and purchase page mockup.
Maggie Cocco Music Lessons Page
Page promoting voice coaching, piano lessons and voice lessons.
Maggie Cocco Music News Page
A place for whatever posts Maggie wants.
Maggie Cocco Music About
Where site visitors can learn more about Maggie.
Maggie Cocco Music Contact Form
Form display

Desktop Wireframes


Mobile Wireframes



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