Judy Latcha commissioned me to redesign the logo for a new subsidiary of the non-profit organization National Association of Women Business Owners Greater Detroit Chapter.

Judy supplied the brand colors and logo text copy.

Below is the explanation I submitted with the initial design concept, which was used to inform the design through its iterations:

Blue is used for the EXCEL elements because of its association with dignity, dependability, and serenity, which are attributes that leaders should aspire to possess. It is also the color of the original NAWBO/EXCEL logo and it is slightly bolder than the green used for the NAWBO elements.

Green is associated with ecology and economy. In the NAWBO/EXCEL program, women business owners help seedling leaders grow in order to help them flourish in the world of business. The green of the NAWBO elements have a lesser intensity in order to promote the EXCEL elements. 

The umbrella, which is composed of three humanoid figures, is the symbol for the NAWBO/EXCEL program. The center blue figure is the “x-cellent, creative, educated leader” that is being encouraged by the smaller green and pink figures to either side that represent members of the National Association of Women Business Owners Greater Detroit Chapter. Together their bodies form the shape of an umbrella, a protective barrier for those that work and prosper under their leadership.

Three colors are used to give the design energy and to emphasize diversity.

NAWBO/EXCEL long logo
Long Logo Version
NAWBO/EXCEL stacked logo
Stacked Logo Version
Mockup for the new EXCEL program logo. Requested by NAWBO’s Detroit Chapter

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