S4A T-shirt Designs

S4A is a K-pop dance troop from Troy, MI. The troop leader requested a simple white-on-maroon t-shirt design with their name for an upcoming performance.

I sent them three designs to choose from. They chose the third submission, which is based on a sketch they submitted with their request.

Though the girls chose a third submission, I really like the first two designs. K-pop group names are known for their puns like 2NE1 (try reading it aloud) and their extremely visual branding, like EXO’s Overdose label. The first two designs were inspired by MAMAMOO branding, a favorite K-pop group of the dance troop.

S4A T-shirt Design Submission 1
Submission 1
S4A T-shirt Design Submission 2
Submission 2
S4A T-shirt Design Submission 3
Third and accepted

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